This page talks about using telnet option subnegotiation to send and receive information from MUDs outside the normal stream. In order to use these with Tinyfugue, you must compile support into your copy of tf.

Patch files to accomplish this are on my main script page

My basic file contains just 3 hooks and some macros to set variables. The commented-out ATCP hook just echoes to the screen when you receive ATCP stuff (prepended by "ATCP:"). Aard has turned off ATCP in favor of GMCP (ATCP2), so there's no reason for Aard players to have it loaded. I left it there in case anyone viewing the page also plays another MUD, where ATCP is still used.

When I looked while in the Aardhotel (when ATCP was enabled), I saw the following:
ATCP: Room.Num 26151
ATCP: Room.Brief The Aardwolf Plaza Hotel
ATCP: Room.Coordinates immhomes,0,0,0
ATCP: Room.Environment city
ATCP: Room.Info bank,safe
ATCP: Room.FullExits n(18413),e(3285),s(5614),w(24730),u(7674),d(32418)

GMCP gets similar information for rooms (which I echo similarly), and also gets updates on tons of character information. When connected, do a /listvar GMCP_* to see what info is collected into variables. There is a macro /gmcp-echo, which toggles whether or not you see GMCP messages echoed to the screen (and gmcp-channel-echo for chans).

The OPTION102 hook throws the option 102 data through ascii, to put it into human readable form. It then calls a macro with those arguments. The example macro will echo to the screen similar to the ATCP stuff:

Option 102: 101,1

That would be the code for seeing a tick. There's also a simple /if statement, that does "if it's a tick, also do tick stuff". You can use similar stuff to decode/act upon other telopt 102 messages. I currently have removed the trigger part of the tick_adjust2 macro from the moons script on my computer, and have it call /tick_adjust upon ticks. I also have it toggle a in_note_mode between Y and N, and have placed an /if statement in my local copy of my tags-based spellup script.

The macro /send-102 sends option 102 stuff to the MUD. It takes 2 arguments, the first for the option, the second for whether to go on or off.

To turn off score tags, use "/send-102 11 2". To turn them back on again, use "/send-102 11 1". Consult for a list of what you can send.

The ATCP hook requires that your tinyfugue was compiled from sources patched with the ATCP stuff from the tinyfugue source patches part of my script page. The OPTION102 hook (and send-102 macro) requires that your tinyfugue was compiled from sources patched with the telopt patches from the tinyfugue source patches part of my scripts page. GMCP similarly needs the patched source. My scripts page has patches for individually doing just option102, just atcp, doing both, or doing all 3 of option102, ATCP and GMCP.