Welcome to Abelinc's Tinyfugue Script Archive for Aardwolf MUD

Here you will find scripts that various people have created for use on the Aardwolf MUD (www.aardwolf.com).

Much thanks goes to Metria, who originated this script archive.

All of the scripts are ancient except those which are by me, or have notes that I have updated them.

This doesn't mean that they don't work, but there may be some tweaks required. When I say ancient, I mean from 2002 or earlier, so it's not even just V3 changes which may cause problems.

I do use some of the other scripts in modified form, others I have no experience with because I wrote my own way to deal with the issue, or I don't consider it to be an issue.


Sarlock Vitae Sargas Hannibal Ghaan (other scripts and GPL license available here) Nimrodel Randor Toki Abelinc - Files in this section are available using the WTFPL license.
Tinyfugue source patches Note about the ATCP, GMCP and Telnet Option 102 patches below. The "root" patch is for files in the tf-50b8 directory that the source untars to create. The src files are for the tf-50b8/src files. Also, the files give the source the capability to support the 3 options, but THEY ARE NOT compiled in by default. Use configure options to enable them (./configure --help lists them as well):
--enable-atcpenable ATCP support
--enable-gmcpenable GMCP support
--enable-option102enable telnet option 102 support

NON-Tinyfugue stuff

Basic Autoquaffer for MUSHclient. OLD, DO NOT USE
Basic Autoquaffer for MUSHclient. NEW, GMCP
Basic Autorecaller for MUSHclient.
Basic Autopracticer for MUSHclient.
Give all for MUSHclient. Turns "give all foo" into "give all UNKEPT to foo"
Warfare gag for MUSHclient. Gags warfare messages unless you qualify for the war, and gives you settable warfare message colors.
Whogroup for MUSHclient. Gives "whogroup", "whopk", and "whoapk" aliases for swho using +/- 15 and +/- 10 levels automatically.
ClanStats for MUSHclient. Alias "RefreshStats " to create pipe-delimited "rankings.txt" file with stats on clan members, now works with players with inconsistent capitalization between rank and roster
Aard Board Output for MUSHclient. Alias "boardtime #" to set refresh interval time. Puts output of "board" command into miniwindow
Aard Scan Output for MUSHclient. Alias "scantime #" to set refresh interval time. Puts output of "scan" command into miniwindow. Works with manual scans with or without arguments
Aard Lbid Hyperlink Miniwin for MUSHclient. Makes clickable hyperlink to lbid output when you see Market announcements. Puts output of lbid(rbid/bid) 123 command into miniwindow.
Amulet of the Planes cheat sheet for MUSHclient. Puts Upper/Lower Planes cheat sheet into miniwindow. Aplist hide/show/help.
Autoreply for MUSHclient. If you're idle for more than xx minutes, will reply to tells with message.
Aard Room Desc Miniwin for MUSHclient. Puts room descriptions into miniwindow.
Aard Repop notifier for MUSHclient. Uses GMCP for repop notification, sends to channel of your choice (or comms log).
Statcheck reporter for MUSHclient. Tells which stats are maxxed, and how far over max. Written by Hadar.
Aard Room Objects Miniwin for MUSHclient. Puts room objects into miniwindow.
Aard Room Characters Miniwin for MUSHclient. Puts room characters into miniwindow. Now with auto-glance.
Aard Tell-Beep plugin for MUSHclient. When you get a tell (including pages), it will play the sound file of your choice.
Modified version of the stock tick timer for MUSHclient. It puts the time just to the left of the tick timer in the status bar.
Simple GMCP plugin for MUSHclient. It just outputs your QPs when you type "qpts. It's here to show how to make a GMCP plugin.
Compress PHeal plugin for MUSHclient, made by Redryn. If you have any questions about this plugin, please ask on the Tech channel.
Autosafe for MUSHclient. If you're idle for more than xx minutes, it will try to "mapper goto [some safe room]". Defaults to recall and 5 mins. Type "autosafe help" for syntax. THIS BECAME ILLEGAL WITH RULE CLARIFICATION IN JULY 2020 IF YOUR MAPPER WOULD GET YOU TO MOVE DURING COMBAT (i.e. if "c word" or similar was a possibility). DUH! Actually the plugin was still OK, I didn't even remember (or look to see) that I put in a check for state == 3 in the function, so it checks to verify that you're not in combat.

Alhena's mapper is available here.